Digging for Gold


A row of potato plants

A row of potato plants

The last couple of days we’ve been digging potatoes. I can’t remember ever seeing a potato plant before. They’re quite weedy looking. Their low growing green leaves spread every which way and blend in with the real weeds that have snuck in. They’re sort of tricky- they don’t easily give away their secret that treasures grow below. Digging for potatoes is pretty straightforward. Using a flat pitchfork (as opposed to a round kind that could more easily pierce the orbs) you just dig in front of the plant and voila, golden treasures shine through against the brown earth. Though it’s a bit tiring to dig, the satisfaction in unearthing a bounty of golden nuggets definitely makes up for it. And what could be better after a day of digging potatoes than enjoying them nestled along side onions in an au gratin casserole? 


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