Nothing beats farm fresh eggs. I’ve become a fan for a couple of reasons.

1. They come from the chickens that live steps away from my cabin. The six ladies who occupy the coop reinforce my opinion that birds, including chickens, do in fact act funny enough in real life to be the best characters in children’s books. In the general bird category there are the Pigeon books by Mo Willems, i.e. The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, etc… Then there’s Duck on a Bike, and of course the classic story of Chicken Little. My current chicken neighbors make somewhat exaggerated movements when walking or eating, almost like they’re hesitating during each activity. They also seem to have their eyes on what the others are doing. If one finds something appealing most likely the others will follow suit.

2. The other reason I like the farm fresh eggs is because they taste rich and delicious. I had heard that eggs from chickens raised the old fashioned way taste better and have a darker yellow yolk. I bought free range eggs from the grocery store after reading how regular chickens at industrial farms live in tiny cages their whole lives with their beaks clipped so as to not peck at themselves. I was happy to be supporting farmers that don’t use such inhuman practices, but I didn’t notice that much difference in the taste. These eggs, however, are a different story. Their yolks are almost orange. So much so that when I made them into a frittata the yolk looked more like cheese than egg. The chickens eat leftover vegetable scraps in addition to their regular corn feed, so all that diversity of food must contribute to their richness. They don’t lay many—between the 6 chickens there are about 2 or 3 a day laid in total, but they sure do taste good. (Apparently the chickens are laying fewer eggs this time of year since there are less daylight hours. Also, the chickens are a little older).

One might wonder whether the chickens are loud, especially in the morning. Well, even though they do make sounds, especially if they want their coop opened, they are definitely not the loudest bird around. That title belongs to the neighbor’s goose—who Grady and Linda have dubbed the Hoopa Car Alarm. I think when the goose gets going she sounds like a loud vibrating phone, which can also change into a high-pitched honk/ squawk at the end.  She makes the chickens sound downright cute.


This is how the chickens roost. All six of them pile up there for the night.

This is how the chickens roost. All six of them pile up there for the night.





  1. but what did they TASTE like??

  2. Janki, I’m not as good at describing food tastes as you! All I can think of is that they taste like eggs, but just the best, richest eggs ever. Like the difference between watered down coffee and a darker, full bodied cup- it’s same thing, just amped up.

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