Monthly Archives: April 2013

Finding your Family History

This is a picture of my Great-Grandparents, Mary Lorenz and Peter Regan. This photo is from their wedding day in 1901. According to a Great Aunt (and one of their daughters), who I sat by at a wedding several years ago, their marriage caused a bit of a stir. Mary was German and Protestant, and […]

Infinite Hug

Several years ago my little sister asked our Grandma to crochet her a blanket. I think she specifically asked for a baby blanket. I put in my request too, for a regular blanket. If I remember correctly my Grandma asked my color preferences and I said she could choose. I later received this one with […]

Christmas trees + sand = dunes

  I live in Bradley Beach, NJ. Public works has been rebuilding the boardwalk and dunes since right after Hurricane Sandy. They’re placing discarded Christmas trees into wooden pens on the beach readying them to be covered and remade into dunes. I had known that the dunes that got washed away were made this same […]

A Miracle

A few summers ago I bought two African Violets. They were blooming beautifully at first, but soon started withering up. It seemed like nothing I did was helping. I tried watering from the bottom and moving their location. Both violets were in bad shape. One became completely barren, with no leaves left, and I had […]

Pressure Cooking Beans and BPA-free Containers

Two Christmases ago I asked for a pressure cooker. I wanted to start cooking dried beans and a pressure cooker seemed like the fastest way to go. I had seen a cooking demo where the woman used a pressure cooker and talked about how fast different foods could be cooked at. It seemed amazing. I’m […]