A Miracle

A few summers ago I bought two African Violets. They were blooming beautifully at first, but soon started withering up. It seemed like nothing I did was helping. I tried watering from the bottom and moving their location. Both violets were in bad shape. One became completely barren, with no leaves left, and I had to throw it out. The other one clung to life but was pathetic, a small nub of a brown leaf. I wish I had a picture of it now. I kept this violet for probably almost a year in a sorry state before I finally read about how the potting soil that many violets are potted in actually isn’t the best kind for them. So I bought a bag of potting soil specifically for African Violets at the grocery store and repotted it in a slightly bigger pot. It slowly started come back to life. First its leaves became a deep velvety green again. Then it started blooming. And it hasn’t really stopped since- over a year later. I look at it sometimes and think, what a miracle.



This Amaryllis has been a bit unpredictable too. It bloomed one Christmas and then sat dormant in the basement for about a year and a half. When the year mark came the following Christmas I thought it would start growing. But nothing. So I let it be. And then in early summer a bit of green popped out. I started watering it and put it outside. That year it bloomed outside on the deck with some fellow flowers. This year I noticed the green about a month ago and now it’s trumpeting its red flowers again.



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  1. Patrick OConnor · · Reply

    Hi Susan,

    Very interesting about your flowers. We just got back from our tea, it was excellent, we all had a great time.

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