Infinite Hug


Several years ago my little sister asked our Grandma to crochet her a blanket. I think she specifically asked for a baby blanket. I put in my request too, for a regular blanket. If I remember correctly my Grandma asked my color preferences and I said she could choose. I later received this one with beautiful stripes. I use the blanket a lot. Last year after my Grandma died I thought of these words.

The blanket you crocheted
drapes around me,
soft and warm.
The rows of bright colors
perfectly straight.
The hours of work
now an infinite hug.



  1. Patrick OConnor · · Reply

    Very nice poem about Grandma’s blanket. We went to mass for Grandma this morning at 9:15 at St.Catherine’s.

  2. Sharon O'Connor · · Reply

    Beautiful poem. Very appropriate for today.

  3. Lovely!

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