Easy Homemade Cards


This morning I went to Target to get a few things, including some cards. The last couple of times I’ve looked in the card aisle I’ve noticed how many of them have little embellishments, like the kind that you can buy for scrapbooking. The cards are cute, but they’re usually at least $4. I often make my own cards, so $4 seemed kind of steep. And the cheaper cards looked cheap, not to mention they don’t always convey the message I’m thinking of. After spending an inordinate amount of time going from section to section in the card aisle I left to grab the other things on my list. When I came back towards the cards I decided to stop first in the craft aisle.

I’ve written before about how easy it is to make homemade cards using blank watercolor cards. I generally embellish them just with craft paper or with a watercolor design. But since I liked the look of the 3-d embellished cards I went in search of those little sticky things. Target had various little packages of them. After weighing my options, I finally settled on two sets. One has little birthday designs and the other one has flowers. They were $4 and $5 each. The nice thing is that each can be used on multiple cards, and different types of cards. When I got home it was super fast to glue a piece of craft paper onto a watercolor card and stick the little embellishments on.  I highly recommend trying it.



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  1. Patrick OConnor · · Reply

    Great idea you had. The cards will be very personalized and look wonderful.

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