Three Books and a Podcast

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I’ve read more kids books recently than adult books, but here are three books written for adults (and one podcast) that I’ve loved.

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1. Wildcat by Amelia Morris

I picked up this book because it’s written by a friend of a friend and I found it to be a super fast and enjoyable read. It was a People magazine book of the week in March. It’s about female friendships, motherhood, and social media. I cackled out loud at several parts. Here’s Kirkus’ starred review of it.

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2. The Seed Keeper: A Novel by Diane Wilson

This book caught my eye from Ms. Magazine’s Best Feminist Books of 2021. I was intrigued because it’s by a Native writer (Dakota) and published by Milkweed Press, which I’ve found to have really beautiful books that touch on nature in some way (for example, Late Migrations: A Natural History of Love and Loss by Margaret Renkle and The Home Place by J Drew Lanham). I ended up really liking this book and have recommended it to friends who’ve read and enjoyed Firekeeper’s Daughter (another recent bestseller by an Ojibwe author). It’s slightly similar in that the protagonist is a Native young woman. But in this book, the main character is Dakota and living in Minnesota. It jumps around in time, reaching back to the 1800s, and is based on the author’s family history.

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3. Spirit Car: Journey to a Dakota Past by Diane Wilson

After really liking The Seed Keeper, I decided to check out Wilson’s other previous book, a memoir. I LOVED it. I found it so moving, heartbreaking, and from such a nuanced perspective. I read the ending with tears streaming down my face. This is the author’s true story where she shares her journey to learn more about her Dakota heritage. Reading this made me want to reread her novel and see how the family history she’s woven into it comes from the family history she’s shared in this book.

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4. This Land (A Podcast)

Last, I listened to both seasons of this podcast hosted by Rebecca Nagle (Cherokee) on a long drive this winter and found it to be incredibly gripping and thought-provoking. The two seasons each focus on different stories that highlight Native laws, present-day issues, and history.

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