Spring Portraits

IMG_7851The last time I wrote about flowers, two weeks ago, spring had just barely sprung. We’ve had hot weather this week and its seems like we’ve leap frogged all the way to summer now. The heat has definitely helped the spring flowers really get blooming. Here are some portraits of flowers (and birds) from this week.

The cloud of small blue (and some white) forget-me-nots are carpeting the area around the daffodils, tulips, and emerging perennials.

I like the intermingling of purple shades between the violets and forget-me-nots.

Adding to the purple hue are two other native plants: Virginia blubells (top) and wild geranium.


Within a few days our crabapple tree went from pink tinged buds to fully opened white flowers that the bees are enjoying. 

We had enough flowers for a few small bouquets on Mothers Day.

I also spent a couple of hours weeding in the school butterfly garden and stuck my nose in this lilac several times, haha.

It’s funny how tulips eventually open so big. It’s like they’re throwing their arms open wide, embracing the sun.

Last, I had the chance to go birding at a local nature preserve, Kleinstuck, with my super knowledgeable neighbor. She helped identify so many birds I would have had no idea about. Pictured above is a Nashville Warbler.

For a few weeks every spring many different birds migrate north. (Here’s a little more on that). Many different kinds of birds stop off at Kleinstuck Preserve and we were lucky to spot some of these seasonal visitors.

This Ovenbird was hopping around on the ground and a low log. Interestingly, they nest on the ground.

Last, I only captured the backside of this Magnolia Warbler, but can you see its striking yellow and black colors? Here are some better pictures of what it looks like from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s ebird website.

Have you noticed anything beautiful where you are?

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