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Easy Homemade Cards

This morning I went to Target to get a few things, including some cards. The last couple of times I’ve looked in the card aisle I’ve noticed how many of them have little embellishments, like the kind that you can buy for scrapbooking. The cards are cute, but they’re usually at least $4. I often […]

Wedding Photos from 1900

These are among my favorite photos that I got a few months ago from my Dad’s cousin. They are wedding portraits of my great-grandparents Catherine Breen and James O’Connor, taken in 1900. I had actually only seen pictures of them when they were older. I think they look stunning. From family information and records I […]

Hiking the Wine Trail in Switzerland

We recently spent a little over a week hiking in Switzerland, mostly in the Valais region.  Switzerland is magical. That was the word that kept popping into my head. I think it’s the combination of stunning mountain scenery and castles that triggered thoughts of fairy tales. I hesitate to use the word fairy tales because […]

School Days

I love these photos. They’re two of the many photos I was able to get copies of from my Dad’s cousin over the weekend. My grandfather is the tallest boy in the bottom photo (also labeled #8). His twin sister and younger brother and sister are also in the group. I love the contrast between […]

A Pink Carpet

I love this time of year. From the first daffodils to flowering cherry blossoms and crab apples, the splash of color is such a welcomed sight. I took a walk this morning to enjoy the warm temps. But finding a pink carpet of petals on the sidewalk made me even happier that I’d come out. […]

Finding your Family History

This is a picture of my Great-Grandparents, Mary Lorenz and Peter Regan. This photo is from their wedding day in 1901. According to a Great Aunt (and one of their daughters), who I sat by at a wedding several years ago, their marriage caused a bit of a stir. Mary was German and Protestant, and […]

Infinite Hug

Several years ago my little sister asked our Grandma to crochet her a blanket. I think she specifically asked for a baby blanket. I put in my request too, for a regular blanket. If I remember correctly my Grandma asked my color preferences and I said she could choose. I later received this one with […]