Fun Books for New Readers

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Finding great books for new readers can be surprisingly hard. Often easy reader books have the occasional hard words thrown in that might stump new readers. Or the books might not be that entertaining. I wanted to make this list to showcase some awesome easy reader books. These books are both fun and full of sight words and words that kids can sound out. Below are books by 8 creators, totaling of over 50 books, that are perfect for new readers!
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A Surprising Memorial Day Picture Book

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It’s almost Memorial Day- a holiday I always look forward to as the unofficial start of summer. If I asked you about the origin of the holiday what would you say? I didn’t give that question much thought until I came across a beautiful picture book, A Day for Rememberin’: Inspired by the True Events of the First Memorial Day by Leah Henderson and Floyd Cooper. The book highlights something I’d never heard: that Memorial Day (originally called Decoration Day) was first observed to honor those who died fighting in the Civil War and that what many consider to be the first commemoration was led in 1865 by newly freed African Americans in Charleston, SC in honor of Union soldiers who had died. 

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My Top Books of the Year

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The library where I work sent out an email asking all interested staff to contribute a list with the top things they read, watched, or listened to this year (up to 15). Every year they post the lists on their website. They asked us to limit older titles we just discovered. I mostly followed that request and chose to only include books. If you’ve got a little extra time over the holidays and are looking for a great book to read, perhaps one of these will be up your alley?

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