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Nothing beats farm fresh eggs. I’ve become a fan for a couple of reasons. 1. They come from the chickens that live steps away from my cabin. The six ladies who occupy the coop reinforce my opinion that birds, including chickens, do in fact act funny enough in real life to be the best characters […]

Going to Market

  Saturday I set my alarm for 5:20 a.m.—a time I rarely see except for the occasional early morning flight. Since the sun doesn’t rise until the 7 o’clock hour here these days, I’m used to getting up to start work at 8.  That’s one of the nice things of farming—you’re pretty much dictated by […]

A Farm Lunch

  My favorite meal of the day here is definitely lunch. After working for about five hours in the morning, by mid-day I have worked up an appetite and am ready to sit down for a while. More importantly, the smells emanating from the outdoor kitchen get my salivary glands going. We start work about […]


The weekend here at Green Fire Farm has been heavenly. I’ve been free to soak up the beautiful environs— marvel at the deep scarlet of late blooming poppies and relish in mulling over what fresh produce to enjoy. While I have stood up from plucking and bundling kale leaves to notice the brilliance of the […]

Grapes, Grapes, Grapes

      I ate a lot of grapes yesterday. After an afternoon of picking, and popping one from every couple of bunches, I slightly regretted having indulged so much. But they were too tasty to resist. I spent my first afternoon at Green Fire Farm amongst the picturesque rows of lovely Gewurztraminer grapes. Though […]

My farming foray

Monday I drive out to Pennsylvania to begin my short term foray into farming. I’ll be working at a farm there called Common Ground for two weeks, then will head to a farm outside of Eureka, California for three weeks in October, and finally will travel to the Big Island of Hawaii for three weeks […]