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A few notes about coconuts

I’ve said au revoir to the palm trees of Hawaii and am back wearing my winter hat in a not-so-tropical climate. But I do have a few tidbits about palm trees and coconuts I’d like to share. At one point on the farm, an order came in for 16 “drinkers.” Those are the green coconuts […]

Tropical Fruit 101

Largest fruit: Ever heard of a jackfruit? I find these guys remarkable for their sheer size. They somehow manage to stay hanging from the tree, often low, directly out of the trunk, without falling. They look to me like beehives: a tree of beehives. Most surprising tree: I asked where the papaya trees were since […]

Machetes, Bananas, and Wild Pigs

  Well, I wielded a machete for the first time yesterday. The banana trees needed the dead leaves chopped off and the machete is the tool of choice. Terri, who owns Kumu Aina fruit farm with her husband Bob, sharpened the blade and told me to be very careful. After she demonstrated the proper technique […]


  I took a little detour. The week between Greenfire Farm and Kumu Aina Farm on the Big Island of Hawaii my fingernails have gotten a little cleaner as I traded in farming for sight seeing. Dan and I were lucky enough to stand among towering redwoods, drive where dramatic cliffs meet the Pacific, stretch […]

My farming foray

Monday I drive out to Pennsylvania to begin my short term foray into farming. I’ll be working at a farm there called Common Ground for two weeks, then will head to a farm outside of Eureka, California for three weeks in October, and finally will travel to the Big Island of Hawaii for three weeks […]