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A farmer friend of Leslie’s raises chickens. She stopped over at the Common Ground produce stand at the Saturday Farmer’s Market and chatted about how she would need help with another group of chickens. I knew before it was explained just what kind of help was needed. The first day I arrived at the farm […]

Communing with Cows


A Vegan Farm Breakfast

  Josef, a fellow WWOOFer from Sweden, whipped up a mouth-watering farm breakfast this Sunday morning. And despite appearances, it included no meat or dairy. The roasted potatoes (beauties recently dug) had a coating of oil, rosemary, and other spices. They baked in the oven on a fairly high heat until perfectly crisp. The tofu […]

Digging for Gold

  The last couple of days we’ve been digging potatoes. I can’t remember ever seeing a potato plant before. They’re quite weedy looking. Their low growing green leaves spread every which way and blend in with the real weeds that have snuck in. They’re sort of tricky- they don’t easily give away their secret that […]

Farm: Day 1

I’m a bit tired. I put on my work gloves and began harvesting squash soon after my arrival Monday afternoon. My drive here had taken me out from under the shadow of New York City skyscrapers, past the industrial landscape stretching from Jersey City and then into the rolling green hills of western New Jersey […]

My farming foray

Monday I drive out to Pennsylvania to begin my short term foray into farming. I’ll be working at a farm there called Common Ground for two weeks, then will head to a farm outside of Eureka, California for three weeks in October, and finally will travel to the Big Island of Hawaii for three weeks […]