I live in Bradley Beach, NJ. Public works has been rebuilding the boardwalk and dunes since right after Hurricane Sandy. They’re placing discarded Christmas trees into wooden pens on the beach readying them to be covered and remade into dunes. I had known that the dunes that got washed away were made this same […]

A few summers ago I bought two African Violets. They were blooming beautifully at first, but soon started withering up. It seemed like nothing I did was helping. I tried watering from the bottom and moving their location. Both violets were in bad shape. One became completely barren, with no leaves left, and I had […]

Two Christmases ago I asked for a pressure cooker. I wanted to start cooking dried beans and a pressure cooker seemed like the fastest way to go. I had seen a cooking demo where the woman used a pressure cooker and talked about how fast different foods could be cooked at. It seemed amazing. I’m […]

I’ve always liked making homemade cards. I’m guessing most kids probably make their own cards. My standard birthday cards included balloons and the age of the recipient on construction paper. Sometimes I still do draw balloons– but I’ve also ventured out. Until recently I would just use whatever paper and envelopes I had around– maybe […]

Well it’s been a really long time since I wrote on this blog. But I think I’ll try dusting it off and write when the spirit moves me. I started the blog as a way to document my time doing WWOOF (and traveling in Tanzania right after). I wasn’t sure how I felt about writing […]

After our trip to the see the wonders of the Serengeti, Suzy and I made our way to the small village of Buswelu outside of the town of Mwanza. We carried the clothes, shoes, school and art supplies we’d been lugging since Chicago and a hope that we could somehow be helpful. The cab ride […]

The village we stopped at welcomes tourists at all times, so as we pulled up another safari group was heading out. It seems like it would be a bit tiring constantly greeting people with the traditional dance and song, but the men and women’s faces didn’t give a hint of this if they felt the […]