Birding 101 (for kids and adults)


We often joke in our family about who is the biggest bird expert. It varies by excursion and sighting, but we all vie for the title. Like many people, we’ve gotten into birding during this last year and a half. Here are some of the things that have helped us uncover the joys of birding. If you are also looking to become a bird expert, at least amongst your family, look no further 🙂
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How to raise caterpillars


Take a look at the amazing, cartoon-looking Spicebush caterpillar! The eye spots make it look like it has giant eyes, but in reality it has 12 small eyes (6 on each side) underneath these spots. Talk about camouflage! I think they’re the funkiest looking caterpillars and we were so excited to find this guy as an egg on one of the Spicebushes we bought this summer. 

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