We’ve been making a lot bouquets with flowers from the garden. While my kids and I sometimes vary on our technique, I thought I’d share my amateur formula as well as the flowers we like to use. It’s not too late to add most of these to the garden!

It’s summer and if you’re anything like me you might be heading to the library soon for bags full of books to read in between fun outdoor time. Below are 28 books for kids, teens, and adults that we’ve loved recently. Perhaps you’d like to add some of these to your library bag?

The garden is continuing its march towards summer as new blossoms unfurl and birds stop by for a snack or drink (or my favorite: bath).

After smelling an Iris last night Finn announced it smelled so sweet he could eat it. We agreed and then my mom, who was over for dinner, double checked to make sure he wasn’t actually considering eating it (he wasn’t). Here’s a virtual garden tour of what’s currently blooming if you’re interested.

For a recent milestone birthday I asked for a camera with a zoom lens, mainly so I could take pictures of birds, haha. I finally started using the camera and making my bird paparazzi dreams come true. Here are some bird and garden shots from the last two days.

I recently joined a group on Facebook called Gardening with Native Plants that I’ve found somewhat helpful. At first I found it pretty interesting, but like anything online it has it’s limits, haha. I posted looking for information on Coral Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens). I had found one at a garden center, and thought it was […]

Native plants have a lot of things going for them. Besides being beautiful, many are drought tolerant after the first year, which cuts down on water and maintenance. Most important, they have evolved with pollinators and birds, and therefore support them, in ways that many non-native plants don’t. They often provide more nectar for butterflies […]

“You can create a beautiful outdoor symphony that is beneficial to you, the environment and wildlife.” -Susie Van de Riet.  

I love to garden. And I have two kids. So by default I am often gardening with kids. Here are things my children have enjoyed doing in the garden. Perhaps these activities would also be of interest to the youngsters in your life? 

We were so excited to see the buds on our two pear trees! It’s the first time they’re flowering. We planted the pears tree two years ago, along with a cherry tree.