I haven’t been substituting at the Kalamazoo Public Library like I had been because the library moved to curbside service. However, I’ve been checking out books at almost the same rate as when I was working. We’ve enjoyed several recent books so much I think they’re worth sharing. Below is an eclectic mix of books […]

Since it’s 0 degrees out here, figured it would be a good time to make these frozen sun catcher creations that I’d seen.

On our recent road trip we listened to a lot of podcasts, which really helped the time go by fast. And our eyes could still take in all that we were seeing outside the window. In the picture above Charlie is cradling a coconut* and listening to a podcast. Below are the podcasts my kids […]

We just got back from a week-long camping trip at Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys. The 23 hour drive each way was intimidating- but thank goodness for technology! Here are some highlights.

Do you ever read graphic novels? While many people put them squarely in the camp of “things for kids,” there are many wonderful graphic novels for adults. I find graphic novels fast to read and really enjoyable. Here are some I’ve loved.

I used to be a prolific and diligent journal writer. Now, my regular journal can last years because I write so infrequently in it. However, I do keep a few other types of journals that I really enjoy: 1. a one line a day journal 2. a book list journal 3. a garden journal 4. […]

I’ve been making this vegan pot pie pretty frequently this fall and winter. It’s based on a chicken pot pie recipe that I’ve adjusted to make vegan. Below is the recipe, along with other favorite vegan staples we eat regularly. If you’re looking to eat more plant-based meals this year for any number of reasons […]

  My favorite kinds of cards to make are bouquets made with decorative paper. I’ve experimented with other kinds of paper cut outs on cards and keep coming back to this style because it’s pretty fool-proof.

Did you see the news last week that the Monarch butterfly was not given the designation of endangered species, despite dramatic losses in population and habitat? What can we do? The simplest action for now is to plant more milkweed and other nectar rich flowers for them. 

Last winter it became apparent that the deodorant I’ve worn for years (Tom’s Brand) wasn’t working for me anymore. (Insert ten million embarrassed face emojis).