Flower Flashback


Looking through my phone pictures recently I had a renewed appreciation for all the bright flowers (and bees and butterflies) from the growing season. Now that the garden is sleeping and we’re in colder, darker weather these shots of color gave my heart a little jolt. Here are some pictures from August-October if you’d like to take this flower flashback with me. 

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We got our first hard frost this weekend, which finally put the garden to bed for the winter. While I could write more than is necessary on this topic, I’ll instead take a little walk down butterfly memory lane and share a few glamour shots of some of my favorite winged visitors. I’ve also got a bit of information on host plants for these butterflies in case you want to add any to your outdoor space!
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An Incredible Story

The other afternoon my kids were both at school and I had a few hours to myself. I decided to indulge in the semi-luxurious experience of watching a movie on a weekday afternoon. I had planned to watch a dvd of Where the Crawdads Sing that I had checked out from the library. For some reason the dvd wouldn’t work and I contemplated renting it on Amazon Prime. But then I remembered that the fairly new movie about the 2018 cave rescue of the Thai boys’ soccer team called Thirteen Lives, directed by Ron Howard, was free on Amazon Prime. So I pivoted and turned that on instead. I LOVED it. 

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The Parkwood Butterfly Garden


I’ve taken care of the butterfly garden at my kids’ elementary school, Parkwood Upjohn in Kalamazoo, for the last 3 years, since Charlie started kindergarten. The other day I had a few minutes to myself in the garden after dropping my kids off at school. The asters and morning sunlight were calling for a little photo shoot. Here are some pictures of what the garden looked like this week, as well as some photos that show how it changes throughout the season.

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Deer Resistant Flowers!

IMG_9813I’m planning on expanding the garden in my front yard. And I want to make sure all the plants I add are ones that the deer don’t like to eat! This area isn’t fenced in and the deer stroll down our street with incredible ownership and ease; all the yards a part of their buffet. I want to make sure the plants I add are unappetizing to them! I’ve kept track of the plants the deer haven’t demolished this year and hope to add some to this front part as well. Perhaps you’d like to add some of these to your garden too?

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